​South Carolina COVID-19 Workers Compensation Bill:


Monday, December 14th, 2020


In partnership with Representative Russel Fry (R) of Horry County District 106 and the Professional Fire Fighters Association of South Carolina (PFFASC), we’re happy to announce SC House Bill 3192: COVID-19 Workers Compensation Bill. Representative Fry is a proud longtime supporter and advocate for fire fighters and police officers in South Carolina.


South Carolina fire fighters, EMTs, paramedics, healthcare workers and law enforcement officers have been serving on the front lines of the COVID-19 pandemic since March. Unfortunately due to contact, many of our first responders have tested positive to COVID-19 while on duty protecting their communities. South Carolina fire, EMS, police departments, and even hospital systems don’t cover COVID-19 under workers’ compensation.


SC House Bill 3192 establishes a presumption that first responders and health care workers who contract COVID-19 would be entitled to workers’ compensation benefits to provide temporary and total disability benefits.


H3192 will give our state’s first responders, health care workers and most importantly their families a blanket of financial protection during these trying times. 


Contact your local legislator today to help pass this bill. To find your local legislator:


​South Carolina Fire Fighter Cancer Health Care Benefit Plan: S1071 & H5139

The PFFASC first drafted fire fighter cancer legislation in 2017. Which then began a  3 year collaborative process between legislators, fellow state fire associations, and partnered lobbyist. In October 2020, after 2 legislative sessions, revisions and votes, Governor Henry McMaster (R) signed the "South Carolina Firefighter Cancer Health Benefit Plan".

  • The “Firefighter Cancer Health Care Benefit Plan” is a supplemental insurance policy and will; upon a diagnosis of cancer, a firefighter is entitled to the following benefits, if a firefighter has been in a South Carolina Fire Department for at least 5(five) continuous years and within 10(ten) years of last date of active service.

  • Reimburse up to $12,000 annually to the firefighter for any out of pocket expenses to include but not limited to; deductibles, copayments, or coinsurances costs incurred

  • A benefit of $20,000 upon the firefighter’s diagnosis as defined, not to exceed 1 benefit payment per calendar year. Additional benefit available upon 12-month remission and separate diagnosis.

  • A $75,000 death benefit for a firefighter who dies as a result of cancer or circumstances

  • A firefighter that dies as a result of cancer or circumstances the arise of treatment are considered to have died in the line of duty.


  • Who is Covered?

    • “Fire Department” means any organization providing rescue, fire suppression, and related activities including any public or government sponsored organizations engaged in rescue, fire suppression, and related activities 40-80-10(b)(4)

  • “Firefighter” 40-80-10(5) means any person, male or female, paid or unpaid, who engages in rescue, fire suppression, or related activities under the supervision of a fire chief or fire department.


  • What Cancers are Covered?“Cancer” includes malignant neoplasms of the following body areas and organ systems:​​

    • Central / Peripheral Nervous System

    • Oropharyngeal

    • Respiratory Tract

    • Gastrointestinal Tract

    • Hepatobiliary

    • Solid Organ / Endocrine

    • Genitourinary / Male Reproductive • GYN

    • Skin / Soft Tissue / Breast

    • Bone / Blood

Screen Shot 2020-11-04 at 12.12.03 PM.pn
(Oct 2020) IAFF 12th District Vice President Dix and PFFASC President Odachowski stand with local presidents after signing the Firefighter Health Care Benefit Plan at the South Carolina Fire Academy.
(FEB 2019)  Left to right: PFFASC Vice President  Pesature, SC District 99 Rep. Nancy Mace (R), SC District 66 Rep Gilda Cobb-Hunter (D), and PFFASC President  Odachowski stand together after the first introduction of the South Carolina Firefighter Cancer Bill.
S1071 Banner.jpg
Screen Shot 2020-12-09 at 9.02.16 AM.png
(JAN 2020) The PFFASC, South Carolina Fire Chiefs Association, South Carolina Firefighters Association, Carney Strong Initiative, and the Firefighter Cancer Support Network South Carolina form the South Carolina Firefighter Cancer Coalition.
thumbnail_SC PFFA FB graphic 2020 H 3192
SC District 106 Representative Russel Fry (R)
(Oct 2020) Governor (R) Henry McMaster signs Firefighter Cancer Health Care Benefit Plan at the South Carolina State Fire Academy.